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Addressing the factors hindering women’s entry into IT

Addressing the factors hindering women’s entry into IT, the Association, together with organisations from Poland, Slovenia and Portugal, launched in May 2021 the project “Girls in the Digital World: Smart and Creative Ferratum, which aims to engage 15-18 girls in digital technologies (such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things, robotics) through their creative use in their everyday activities. Each day is structured around hands-on sessions making games or apps, Q&A with seasoned pros, and an exploration of some of the hottest new tech out today.

Exploring Poland by Bus: A Gen Z Guide

Yo, let’s dive into the vibe of traveling Poland by bus – the Gen Z way! 🚌✨

Kick-Off: The 411 on Polish Bus Travel

Alright, peeps, listen up! Hopping on a bus in Poland is not just a journey; it’s an entire mood. Poland’s got a mesh of bus lines that connect not just the big cities like Kraków and Warsaw, but also those hidden gems that are total Insta bait. Plus, with apps like e-podróż, planning your bus escapade is a breeze. Just a few taps, and you’re all set!

Budget-Friendly? Heck Yeah! 💸

Talk about keeping your wallet chill! Buses in Poland are the real MVPs for budget-conscious travelers. Whether you’re a student ballin’ on a budget or just savvy about your spends, buses got your back. Low-cost carriers like FlixBus and PolskiBus serve up deals that are a total steal – think: exploring without breaking the bank.

Eco-Friendly Vibes 🌿

Gen Z, we’re all about that sustainable life, right? Choosing buses over planes is like giving Mother Earth a high-five. Low carbon footprint, less pollution – it’s our way of traveling green without sacrificing the fun.

The Digital Connect 📱

Aight, digital nomads and social butterflies, we know staying connected is key. Free Wi-Fi on many Polish buses means you can Snapchat your journey or crush it in a mobile gaming sesh as you roll. Plus, power outlets? Yes, please! Keep those devices juiced up and ready for action.

Comfort Level: On Point 👌

Gone are the days of cramped, boring bus rides. Polish buses are stepping up with comfy seats, more legroom, and sometimes even onboard entertainment. It’s like your cozy space on wheels.

Meeting the Fam: Social Scene on the Road 🤝

Traveling by bus in Poland is not just a trip; it’s a social mixer on wheels. Share stories, make new friends, or just vibe with fellow wanderers. Who knows, your next bestie or collab partner could be sitting just a seat away!

Real Talk: Safety First 🛑

Safety’s no joke, fam. Polish buses are on top of their game with safety measures. So, chill, you’re in good hands.

Wrapping It Up 🎬

Alright, squad, that’s the lowdown on bus travel in Poland. It’s affordable, eco-friendly, comfy, and a total social scene. Whether you’re chasing city lights or countryside dreams, Poland’s bus network is your golden ticket. So, pack those bags, grab your tickets, and let’s get this road trip started! 🎒🚏

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Seni võlaportfellide ostmise ja võlgade sissenõudmisega tegelev GS Core alustas Eesti inkasso pakkumist, esimesed lepingud on tänaseks sõlmitud.


Estonia, eesti, eestimaa

Estonia has the highest number of supermodels per capita. Just google the name Carmen Kass and you won’t be disappointed.


Prangli saar Viimsi vallas

Prangli majutus Mardi Puhketalu on kohalik pereettevõte. Puhketalu mahutab kokku 12 ööbijat, kuid olemas on veel 30 voodikohta Jäätma talus Lääneranna külalistemajas. 


Karin Raski Uus Kollektsioon: Pidulikkuse ja Stiili Sümfoonia

AW23 kollektsioon on sügise ja talve õrn puudutus, mis toob esile naiseliku graatsia ja enesekindluse. Iga kleit kollektsioonis on loodud selleks, et rõhutada daami ilu ja elegantsi, pakkudes samal ajal mugavust ja stiili.

Technology unleashes creativity

The pilot training of the Unleash Your CreativITy With Technology distance learning programme will start in January next year. In this autumn, there will be an active preparation phase to select the youth workers and girls who want to participate in the training. There will be events and campaigns inviting young people to join the project activities. A total of 200 girls and 50 youth workers from Slovenia, Greece and Portugal will be able to test and evaluate the course.

According to statistics, only 9% of girls choose STEM studies after leaving school. What’s more, around 40% of school-age girls think that technology is not for them.


Get to know more about careers in tech and connect with professionals in a variety of roles. Join us and experience fun hands-on workshops and cool technology demonstration at an upcoming DigiGirlz Day, Camp, or Hackathon.